Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My next Shutterfly Holiday Card....

Wow, it has been a looooonnnnng time since I've written on this blog. A lot has happened since I've been gone. Well, I guess just one big thing, I had twin boys. So, now I have four children under the age of four. So you can say, my days are pretty busy now that I'm back to work. I LOVE being a mom, and a teacher. The two older children are awesome with the babies! I am having so much fun enjoying my life!
I use a site called Shutterfly to update my family on our pictures. I LOVE sending family the latest holiday photo card with pictures of our kids. I like to create cards that have a collage of pictures on the front, it's hard to pick just one picture for a card sometimes. You can also put pictures on the INSIDE of the cards! I love this aspect. I can include even more pictures, it's like a mini photo album just in one card! I will show you MY three favorite holiday cards.

My favorite card is, well, I can't pick just one to be my favorite, but I like the Merry Memories Chartreuse Christmas 5 x 5 flat card. There is just something I really like about the square flat cards. I think they are unique, and stand out from other cards. I like how one picture stands out from the rest, and I can get an individual picture of all of my kids on this card.
Another card I really like is the Retro Chic Christmas card, 5 x 5 flat card. I love the colors on this card. It has a nice clean look to it with the white background. The Cinnamon Candy Lace Christmas Card has the same layout as the Retro Chic, but the colors are different, if you are looking for a more traditional color combination.

Oh, I want you to look at the wall calendars! My mother-in-law requests I make her a new calendar every year as a Christmas present, because she LOVES how I can include all of her grandchildren on different pages. I use pictures from the previous year but the same month. I love that you can choose from 20 NEW styles. The showcase up to 9 photos in collage layouts, so you don't have to pick just one picture for each month. Now you can personalize dates with a photo and text with three events per date. I thought about creating a desktop calendar for my father-in-law's office. He LOVES to keep pictures of the grandchildren on his desk, what a great way to showcase pictures each month.

Don't forget the personalized thank you cards. I just had twins, and I used the flat 5 x 5 flat cards as a thank you card. I liked that it was stationary. I used a color marker to write my thank you and it included a picture of the boys.

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