Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another year with Shutterfly...

I am starting to think my blog is going to take a little turn. I don't know, I guess I just want to talk about anything that is on my mind. Not just my art projects. I think this is art related though. I just want to share my love for Shutterfly, the company, the cards, the photo books. I love this company.

Last year I shared my favorite Christmas cards, and birth announcements for my twins. This year, I have noticed they have some new Holiday cards. I am just going to highlight some of my favorite cards. I LOVE this one, Very Merry Moments Christmas Card. There is something about the
black and red. I like the classy looking designs they have. I like the clean lines. I also think they match the different fonts very nicely. I like a script font with a san serif font. I also love the 5 x 5 flat stationary cards. The quality is so nice. They are nice, thick cards.

I also like this one, Merry Mum Blossoms Christmas Card. I don't remember seeing this card last year. Trust me, I couldn't make up my mind last year, so I made like 4 different styles of Christmas cards, and just ordered 10 of each one. Then the trouble I had was trying to decide who gets which card. Anyways, I like how they've updated their program, more user friendly yet. When you choose, this card for example, you then have the option of what color background you want. This one comes in the gray or black. Then it also lets you choose the size, you could choose 5 x 5 flat, or 5 x 7 flat, or 5 x 7 folded. Not all photo companies have such options. They only have certain cards in certain sizes. I love the options Shutterfly!
This is one of the cards I used last year - Keep Believing . I see this year you can change the size, like I mentioned above, and you can change the color to a light blue instead of the red. I may have to use this one again.
Most of the time I hightlight the kids photos in the Christmas cards. This year we had a little family photo shoot and I really like our family picture. So I think I'm going to look for a card that I will include our family picture on. Like this one: Joyful Joyful. Again, you can change the background color and size.

Something I completely forgot to mention, you can put photos on the inside AND the back of your cards with Shutterfly. It's like sending a mini photo album with your holiday greeting.
Anyways...... these are my favorite Shutterfly items as of lately. Maybe on another day, I'll talk to you about my photo book obsession....
Now that I've gone on and on....I have a little gift for three of my readers. If anyone is even reading this..... The first three readers that share their favorite Shutterfly cards, will receive a coupon code for 25 free cards from Shutterfly. So... let's hear it, what are your favorites!


  1. Oh I really like the Merry Mum card. Its simple but very pretty. I also just made one up using the Believe in Magic card. Really like that one too!

  2. I really like the Wishing You Merry card. It's clean and simple, yet festive :)

  3. kacieIt - send me an email,, so I can email you the coupon code! Yeah!