Friday, April 24, 2009

High School Art Auction

Okay, we all know that money is tight for education. So, how do we get money for supplies? We find other ways to get money. We can write grants, but most grants will stipulate that the money cannot be used on classroom supplies. So, we fund raise. But the communities are up to their eyes with fundraisers. This is our third year holding a Silent Art Auction/Dinner. The high school students create artwork to be auctioned off and raise money for art supplies. This year we had 57 pieces of artwork. That is a lot of art work for our small school. Some pieces just amazed me. Here are some of the pieces of artwork that were auctioned off.

Wolverine High School Students, I want to hear your voice. How do you feel the art auction turned out? How can we make it better? Any critiques for the artwork posted here? Any critiques or stipulations for next year's auction?

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