Friday, March 18, 2011

Art Auction 2011

Every year we hold a Silent Art Auction/Dinner. When we started this it was is May, I believe. We had a good turn out. But the weather was so nice, and we had a long winter that year, and many students/parents were outside enjoying the sunshine. The following year we moved it to the beginning of April. Wow, that year we had record breaking temperatures of 80 degrees. Again, everyone was outside. The next year we had it on March 31. Can you believe we had 80 degrees that year? So.....this year we had our Art Auction on March 3rd, also the day of our Parent/Teacher Conferences. This was a great day!! We had more participation for conferences than we have had in many years. We had 60 pieces for the Art Auction, which, for as small as a school as we are, I was worried this was too many pieces. Oh, was great! Everything sold and we made a bunch of money for art supplies. Yay!! We now have new chalk and oil pastels, watercolor paint, more glue sticks, and paper!!! We were running out of PAPER! So, on behalf of the Wolverine Art Department, THANK YOU - to all that participated, lended a helping hand, and supported us by purchasing these fabulous students' art work! This is all of the work, I thought a post with 60 images would be kind of a lot


  1. These art works are great. I have two favorites: The red guitar and the Zebra.

    No wonder everything was sold.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for checking out our work. These were two of my favorites too!