Friday, February 3, 2012

4th Grade Fall Owls

So, I'm addicted to Pinterest. I have been sooo inspired by Pinterest, and the many art/art teachers pinning. I found this Owl on Pinterest. I didn't link back to see where it came from when we did this project. However, posting it here, I felt it necessary. WOW!!! I wish I checked this out earlier. The site is called easely amused. It advertises painting lessons. I soooo want to go paint here, it would be too far to drive though, states away. I wish we had a place here like this. You pick a class/night, and you pay someone to lead you through painting your masterpiece. And how beautiful the paintings are!!!! And reasonable, I would think the canvas would cost this much, let alone paint, and instruction on how to paint. Wow!!! Very cool! Check it out.
So, for our owls, the students used orange construction paper to construct their birds. Next they used oil pastels to color/fill in their owls. I think they turned out great.

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