Friday, October 26, 2012

Van Gogh Style Landscapes

In eighth grade we took a look at van Gogh's landscapes. We discussed his style of painting. Students researched his landscapes on the internet and chose one to recreate, but with colored pencils. They needed to try to use his short brush stroke style using only colored pencils.

Next, we went outside and drew our beautiful landscape with the awesome fall leaves on the trees and drew what we saw. We tried to draw what we saw, not what we know. This is a very difficult concept for my artists to try to work around. We "know" what trees look like, so we try to draw them this way, instead of drawing what we see in front of us.

So, they drew the landscape then, using van Gogh's short brush strokes, colored their landscapes this time with oil pastel.
Here are a few of the beauties!

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