Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'm going to get better at this blog thing...

I have been so bad at keeping up on this blog. I really want to do it, I really want to post, and share and I actually enjoy the writing. I just can't seem to remember to squeeze it in between grading projects, hanging projects, taking projects down, grading sketch warm ups, grading yearbook logs and journals, updating yearbook ads scanned, oh yeah - finishing that college class I HAVE to take because the state says so. Ugh, I know - we are all doing these things.
So, here we are, May 2.... End the the year, well close to it. We are holding our 7th annual art auction/dinner. I decided to try the dinner part again. We are having pulled pork sandwiches, yum! This year we are sharing the limelight with our new Science teacher so it is--------Art Auction / Science Fair Night.
I am excited, hopefully a lot of people come and check out our student art work and science projects. It's been difficult working on art auction pieces this year, feels like we always have a project to get through. I think it has something to do with larger class sizes I have this year. 31, 26, 28 - and then there's that class of 12, that's the senior class that is comprised of about 5 kids that either have not had art before or don't want to do assignments that I assign, they want to just draw, with pencil, what they want to draw, and not work on any kind of practicing of skills. So, that's been a tough group to inspire.

Ok, enough crying.
Here are some of the awesome art projects that will be featured at this year's art auction.

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