Thursday, September 24, 2015

9th Grade Warhol Selfie Project

In 9th grade art today we learned about Andy Warhol's Pop Art portraits. Students discussed how they were very bright colors without details. We watched this video

Students took selfies with the own devices or my classroom ipad. Next they needed to email them to their own school student accounts. Next they needed to open this stencil maker program They used this program to upload their selfie and play with the settings until they were satisfied with the image. Next they needed to open Publisher and create a custom document of 18 x 24. They went back to the stencil maker and used the Print Screen key on their key board. Go back to Publisher and paste this on their document. Then they used the cropping tool to crop it to just be their portrait and then enlarge it to the document size. Next they printed it to be tiled to create a poster. After they taped it together they used it to trace on their large 18 x 24 paper. I found this project from Princess Artsypants blog.

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