Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Freshmen Computers

Good morning! Today you are going to learn how to create a survey using Google Forms.

Click this link to learn some easy information to start.
Read the information. Click this link to read about adding content to your form. Be creative, this can be a great tool to get a lot of information in an organized manner. Click on the headings to the right side of the page on the "add content to your page" link. This will walk you through how to best create a survey for your needs. Your assignment today is to create a survey for your peers. This can be to gather information of your choice (school appropriate), for another class, or for the yearbook for example! Make something up to survey your classmates about. Develop questions utilizing each ​type of question type, there are 9 types, change the theme to match your topic as best you can.

When you are done with your survey, email it to your peers. Then you can work on Google Draw, or your blog, or Code.

See you tomorrow.

Mrs. Hanel

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