Thursday, September 29, 2016

Photography Assignment 9.28-9.30

(Wednesday) First you need to take at least 30 pictures of texture. Here are some examples of texture from my Pinterest Board.

(Thursday) After you take these pictures, narrow it down to 1-2 of your favorite pictures. You need to post them in their raw state on our Shutterfly class site in the Photo Folder titled "Raw Texture". After you do this, create a blog post on your blog and give a 3-5 sentence paragraph.

(Friday) On this day you need to research 10 photo editing tools on the computer. Then I would like you to post one of your favorites on our Shutterfly class site and tell why you chose this one.
Next, you need to edit one of your texture photos and upload it to the "Edited Textures" photo folder on our Shutterfly class site and then also post this on your blog with a 3-5 sentence paragraph.

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