Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Close Up Nature Photography

Hello Photography Class,

We are starting today with Close Up Nature Photography.
To start, I would like you to visit this site and read about iPhone photography for nature.

Here is another site for close up nature photography.

Please visit my Pinterest Board: Photography: Close Up Nature

When you take your Close Up Nature picture there are points to remember:

  • Clarity: You want crisp clear photos. If they are not clear, take more pictures
  • Rule of Thirds: Don't put your subject directly in the middle of your frame. Move your subject off a bit to the left or right, whichever way the subject opens to the image, move it to the opposite side. 
  • Take LOTS of pictures to have lots of options. 

After you take your Close Up Nature picture, load your images to your computer and use an editing tool to tweak your image, don't over filter your picture though. Then post it to our Shutterfly class site please. 

Thank You!

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