Monday, November 28, 2016

Two Photography Assignments for the Week

This week you will have 2 photo assignments.

1) Blur/Motion/Action. You must capture action or motion in a picture. Look at my Pinterest board HERE to see some examples of Blur/Motion/Action. After you are sure you have taken the best action/blur/motion picture, edit it and post it to our class site on Shutterfly and create a blog post for your blog and include a description paragraph.

2) Shoe Triptych. For this assignment the rules are take a picture of a shoe (or shoes) and present 3 images. So, you could take a picture of 3 different pairs of shoes, or 3 different shoes, or one pair of shoes with 3 different backgrounds. This is up to you. You must present 3 images collaged in one to upload to our class site on Shutterfly. Also, post to your blog with a description paragraph.

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