Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Up To Date

Dear Blog Readers,

I don't really know if anyone out in the world of the web actually reads this site. I've kind of been on hiatus from blogging. I can't seem to find the time in my world of attempting to
  • teach the state benchmarks (according to what I am teaching this year)
  • make sure I am pre/post testing my ART students so I can show "growth" to the state in some form of a number (because a portion of my observation depends on it)
  • remember to take all of the sports individual/team pictures - because I am also the yearbook advisor, so I also have to pencil in chaperone Prom and Homecoming dances, attend Homecoming game, try to attend one game of every sport, to make sure my photographers are understanding their jobs, continue to sell advertising space because our book depends upon that money, other stuff I can't think of right now.....
  • take care of business with the MME/ACT testing - I have now become our school's Test Supervisor (for the second year)
  • co-"adult supervisor" for our FOR club (a spinoff from the Rachel's Challenge presentation we attended)
  • continue to write grants for my art program since there really is no money to support it
  • work on Art Auction to run during Parent/Teacher conferences, money maker for art supplies
  • Ugh - I have to take a mandatory college reading class this winter
  • AND oh yeah - life outside of school - I have 4 awesome, super cool kids - 6 year old daughter, 4 year old son, twin 2 year old boys - and an amazing husband who supports me through all of this craziness.
Okay, so life has been a little crazy. I don't like to go on complaining though, so bright side - I HAVE AN AWESOME JOB!!! I LOVE my job. I feel like a cheater a little bit, because I get paid to hang out with some kids that want to learn to draw and paint. I say some, because not all of them WANT to be in my class, but you have to pass through these doors, and pass, to graduate. I feel like a cheater because I feel bad for people out there that dread going to work everyday. I don't dread it. I STILL get butterflies before the first day of school. Don't get me wrong, I love summer vacation. But I get all anxious and nervous and excited the week before school starts.

So, here we are, into October. Going strong, still trying to get the schedule down. I am not teaching elementary art this year. A little bitter sweet. It was a lot of work preparing for those two hours of elementary art everyday, around teaching the High School art. So, work load is different. I miss those excited little faces. Being an elementary teacher feels somewhat like what I would imagine being a rock star feel like - on a different level. It's heart warming to walk in to a school wide assembly and little voices start yelling "Mrs. Hanel!!! Mrs. Hanel!!!! Hiiiiii!!!! I love you! Sit Here!!! Mrs. Hanel!!" I still occasionally see them, at a soccer game, walking down the sidewalk, grocery shopping. I miss you little ones.

Whewwww. Long post.

So, I will start posting again. This time a different twist. I am going to try the whole "writing" thing here, (giggles inside, never felt like I was even adequate at writing). But, this is kind of fun. I will share what we are doing in our middle/high school classes. And, well, share my love/addiction for Shutterfly creations.

More later.

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