Friday, November 9, 2012

Art Auction Fall 2012

I'm getting a little nervous for our Art Auction. I always do.....feel nervous. I hope parents come and see the artwork. I hope they LOVE the artwork. I hope my students get excited about the whole thing.

This year, we are holding the "Annual" Silent Art Auction during our Fall Parent Teacher Conferences. Really, this is my way of trying to get as many parents as possible to see our students' art. In the past we have held dinner during the Silent Auction. This year, not doing the whole dinner thing. We are going to have appetizer stations throughout the hallway, outside the teacher's classrooms. Or - we might have all of the appetizers in our Middle School Music Room. We don't have a music program, but we have some amazing volunteers that come to the school and teach our students how to play the violin, cello, and percussion. Three different volunteers in the community. Isn't that AWESOME!!!!! Why have our appetizers in this music room, well we want to show the parents that this program is happening. My art class was asked to paint a little something on the walls, to make it feel a little more like a music room. So - they created this big beautiful 3 section piece of art. I will post picts later today. I had help with the entire production. I have a volunteer, from the community, a retired art professional that donates her time and money to my art students. I think this is such an amazing thing to do. She doesn't have to come here and spend her time or money on these kids. But she does. And she has some amazing talent. So, she gave us the confidence to pull this whole HUGE art piece off. Ok - --- - I HAVE to get the picture up today.

Whole point of this post - We are having the art auction November 29. This little canvas was painted by one of my students last year, and we forgot to put it in the auction last spring. So it will debut in this auction.

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