Friday, January 24, 2014

Oil Pastel Self Portraits

We just started a new semester after Christmas vacation. So, this is the beginning of 8th grade with art. We started with some Name Tangles, or Name Zentangles - whatever you want to call them. I know I stole this assignment from a couple of different art teacher bloggers and mashed it into one assignment, but I can't find who I got it from. If I find it, I will repost.  (I found it here at The Bees Knees Cousin)

So, I altered the assignment a little. First, the students needed to find a font that they liked, but also a font that left the inside white. Then draw it vertically on their papers so their name touches top, bottom and both sides - turning their letters to ensure this. They outlined it with a Sharpie. Next they used the Sharpie and went right to zentangling. They were not allowed to repeat any zentangles. In the end, I introduced watercolor pencils for the inside of their names.

Overall, I loved how they turned out. Not everyone followed the directions exactly, but that's what happens in art sometimes - we get inspired to change.

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