Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Lab Assignment for Photography

Good afternoon photography students.

Please READ this entire post so you know what is expected for today.

Today you are assigned to create a presentation of your photographs from this semester so far (both quarters). You can use Prezi, Google Slides, Powerpoint, or any other presentation tool you would like to use. You were assigned 11 photo assignments for the first quarter and 8 photo assignments from the second quarter totaling 19 photo assignments. Your presentation must include at least 10 of the images you have taken. You also must explain in a short 5-8 sentence paragraph each image. Sell yourself as a photographer in this presentation. Show off your best images.

This presentation is due at the end of the hour Wednesday and is worth 50 points! Get to work and use your time wisely. I can't wait to see your presentations. 

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