Monday, January 16, 2017

Photography Final for the Quarter

For the final for this quarter you have 3 photo assignments to complete and turn in to our class page by Friday.

1) "Mixing Bowl" - You will choose one assignment from the basket of options and upload it to our class Shutterfly site.

2) Selfie: Raw and edited. You need to take one selfie and keep it unedited and then use one of the online editing apps to edit that image. Collage them into one frame and submit it to our class Shutterfly page.

3) Abstract: Take an everyday object and take a picture of it from a unique view to make it look abstract. You can edit this image. When finished upload it to our class Shutterfly site. I pinned some examples for you

Ask me if you need ANY help with this assignment. Everything is due Friday, no exceptions.

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