Tuesday, June 13, 2017

6th Grade Art

I feel bad that I don't send home 6th grade artwork weekly. But it usually takes us 2-3 weeks to complete some of the projects, due to presentation time, sketch time, work time, then figure in there random reasons for them not to have class on certain days. Then after they complete the work I selfishly hang it in our hallways, I beautify our walls. So, the other day I had it all taken down from December until now and rolled it up per student and sent it all home. I hope it made it home safely.

These were fun, but it took a long time to complete. First we looked at Op art and we chose a background to create. Creating the different values in colored pencil took patience and a lot of time. Then we reviewed zentangle patterns. They traced their hands and filled them with patterns. Last, they cut them out and glued them over their backgrounds. I love how they turned out.

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